Ankle complaints

Ankle complaints

Complaints to the ankle hinder us in everyday life. They make us immobile. And it makes us move different to avoid pain which leads to poor posture. The extra energy needed while moving with an irritated ankle may cause straining to the muscles which are used to compensate.


Anatomy of the ankle

Together with the fibula, the tibia forms the ankle fork. The ankle fork is located on the ankle bone which is made for carrying the ankle fork. For the stability of the joint, there are strong ligaments and tendons around the ankle. The cartilage on each bone part provides a smooth surface that is used when moving the ankle joint.


Symptoms of ankle complaints

Complaints of the ankle can occur instantly, such as a sprain of the ankle. You can recognize this by the swelling and a sharp pain arising. It is also possible that the symptoms emerge gradually, for example, by wearing incorrect footwear or postural abnormalities of the foot.

Ankle complaints
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Causes of ankle complaints

Damaging ankle ligaments, cartilage or the joint bandage may cause pain. The body gives this signal as a warning not to burden the joint. Instability is often one of the elements which lead to ankle problems. Many (football) players are familiar with a sprain or a twist of the ankle ligaments. In addition, there are also chronic disorders of the ankle, such as rheumatism or permanent ligament damage.

Typical ankle complaints


Sprain or sprained ankle

Many athletes are familiar with a sprain or sprained ankle. Especially with ball games and sports where jumps are made, it is more likely to be unfortunate and get an ankle injury. The difference between a sprain and a sprained ankle is: in a sprain the ligaments are dislocated and there is minimal damage sustained. In a sprained ankle the ligaments are strained or torn and the symptoms last longer than a few days. The most common sprain is a situation in which the foot folded towards the inside. The outer ligament get the most damage.



Ankle instability can be the result of a series of injuries to the ankle ligaments which did not recover well. This instability creates a compensation because the ankle is unable to bear all the forces. This may cause an overload in the muscles that take on a role that isn’t theirs and therefore have to work harder. In addition, an ankle can wear out faster because the pressure in the ankle isn’t distributed equally.



Osteoarthritis can also appear in the ankle. With ankle instability the pressure on the ankle is not well distributed. Because of this the wear will increase. When there is wear in a joint, it is because the layer of cartilage is worn and movement goes less smoothly. You might also experience stiffness.

Treatment of ankle complaints

A MoveWell Chiropractor will help you with your complaint(s) to the ankle (s). After a thorough examination of the ankle a treatment plan will be discussed with you. The ‘in 3 steps better’ program will be presented to patients with constantly recurring complaints. The treatment will not address the complaints, but instead it will try to solve the cause of your symptoms.