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Back rehab:


back rehab


MoveWell can proudly state that it works with one of the most modern and specialised back rehabilitation training devices available. During your first appointment, our chiropractor will discuss the tests and make a customised treatment plan. We will look at whether  back revalidation treatment is suitable for you.


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MoveWell works according to the get better in 3 steps program. Here you can read more about the 3 steps-plan. Back revalidation forms part of step 2 of your recovery. Muscle strengthening during the second step is very important. Nothing is more annoying than relapsing and having to start all over again after an intensive treatment. 80% of people who strain their back for the first time, will strain their back again sometime in the future.


Back rehab physical therapy

One of the most common reasons for back pain is over pressuring of the joints and muscles due to, for example, lifting incorrectly and adopting an incorrect posture. After step 1, where the complaints are improved via chiropractic treatment the focus then moves to rehab of the muscular area around the spine. Using devices specifically designed for this purpose you will train the muscles of the spine so they form strong protection for your back.


Back rehab exercises

This is a prudent way of training that is essential to recovery. While there is minimal load on your back you train the muscles using the specially designed back rehab devices, those that are hard to train using larger devices such as those found at gyms. This back rehab training is therefore very useful in the beginning phase to then be able to train in a gym later on.




Therefore MoveWell does not focus itself on just ‘regular’ complaints, but also on the very fragile complaints such as a herniated disc or those complaints related to recovering from back surgery.

After thorough examination, the chiropractor will always assess whether or not you are suitable for back rehab. MoveWell also has specialist measuring devices to precisely measure your muscular strength and flexibility. Based on this report you can start your training with purpose.