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Chiropractic is a treatment suitable for both old and young. A chiropractor treats a great variety of physical complaints, but their specialism is in solving neck and back complaints. Chiropractic also helps problems such as headaches, shoulder complaints, knee or other joints. The word ‘chiropractic’ is derived from the ancient Greek word “cheiros”, which means ‘hand’ and the word “pratto” which means ‘practice’. So chiropractic means ‘practice with hands’. It is an improved form of physical therapy.

Origin of chiropractic


Chiropractic originated in the United States of America at the beginning of the twentieth century. Around 1990 there were about 50 chiropractors in the Netherlands. Currently there are 250 registered chiropractors with the Dutch Chiropractic Association. It may be a small profession in the Netherlands, but worldwide chiropractic is the largest discipline after doctors and dentists.

Training as a chiropractor

In the Netherlands chiropractic is still considered as additional care, this is because currently there is no official study program available. The chiropractors in the Netherlands have received their education abroad. The majority have completed a five-year University education in the United Kingdom.


Chiropractie opleiding Engeland

This University education doesn’t differ much from studying medicine, only there is more focus on anatomy, neurology and radiology. A chiropractor is trained to make a sole diagnosis and then act on it. When study is completed they receive the University degree Master of Science (MSc).

Chiropractic treatment

Behandeling ischias

A chiropractor studies the functioning of all moving parts of the human body. For example: a neck complaint  doesn’t necessarily mean that only the neck is involved. Complaints can also be related to a malfunctioning of the lower back or hip. After a thorough consultation about your complaints and an examination of your body a chiropractor will discuss the right treatment with you.



The mainstream treatment of a chiropractor contains manipulation and mobilization of your joints, muscle techniques, exercises and advice on your posture and moving. Would you like to learn more about chiropractic treatment? Then click here for a short video on the treatments of MoveWell.