In 3 steps better

About the get better in 3 steps-plan:


MoveWell treats all complaints using the movement device. Chiropractors at MoveWell treat lower back complaints, neck complaints, shoulder complaints, wrist complaints and other complaints. Every complaint requires customised treatment, however the chiropractor will always work according to the ‘get better in 3 steps’ program. The goal of this treatment course is not only to lessen your complaints, but also to prevent them from coming back with the same intensity.

Step 1. Mobilize

With complaints of, for example, the back, neck, shoulders, elbows and ankles, the core of the problem is often due to wrong movement. Muscles get into a pattern of wrong movement, the joints block and eventually the function of the nerve can change. So, a very complex chain reaction occurs. Scientific research shows that in the pain phase mobilisation techniques can very often help with improvement of the pain. Step one of the ‘get better in 3 steps’ is the mobilise step, this step mainly consists of chiropractic specific actions being carried out to help the movement of the joints and muscles.

Step 2. Stabilize

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Next, it is essential to have improved stabilising function of the joint to prevent it from getting worse. Nothing is more annoying than to relapse and have to start all over again after an intensive treatment. So, in this phase the focus will be on the recovery of the muscles around the joint. MoveWell has devices which are especially designed for back complaints with which you train the muscles of the spine in a very effective way. Also, as with the back specific exercises will be given in order to strengthen the affected joint(s) with other complaints too.


Stap 3. Functioning

Move Well Feel Better

After the first two steps of the get better in 3 steps plan the last step follows; functioning. You have to be able to function well in daily life. It is essential to keep using the muscles which have been strengthened with training. You will also be given the right exercises and the right advice about movement such as which sports to participate in and how to correct your posture.

Our end goal is to make you move well without any complaints. Move Well Feel Better.