Lumbago – Acute Back Pain

“Spit” is the Dutch term for acute back pain, a typical common form of back pain that arises suddenly. Often it is also called lumbago. People tend to describe the complaint as if they felt a twinge of pain in their back. It is mostly looked upon as an acute spasm of the muscle in the back.

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Don’t wait to long…

However, it is not only the muscles which cause these complaints but also, for example, joints that can block and irritate. When this acute back pain is not treated, and when it does not heal well, it may lead to chronic back pain. Figures support this. Once you have suffered from acute back pain there is an eighty percent chance that it will happen again. Therefore it is very important that you take your complaints to an expert. At MoveWell there are experts available and they not only solve problems but also try to avoid complaints in the future.

If you would like to know more about the causes of back pain, such as acute back pain or Lumbago, just click here.



The treatment

At MoveWell, we use the unique ‘in 3-steps better’ program.

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It is not only important in the treatment phase to get rid of acute pain, but also in the muscle-strengthening phase and maintenance phase we make sure that the symptoms (of pain) do not quickly come back. When the body knows there is a weakness in your back, this is the place which will  first be effected by physical stress.

To make sure that a physical load is equally distributed over the entire body, the body needs stability. Stability can be obtained by means of training the small muscle groups. When these muscle groups can work well with other muscle groups, there will be flexibility in the move. Back problems can thus be prevented. Click here for more information on the treatment of back pain at MoveWell.