Manual therapy

Manual therapy; think about Chiropractic

Often we are asked: ‘What is the difference between manual therapy and chiropractic?’ One treatment is not necessarily better than the other, but a distinction can be made between the two treatment approaches. On this page you can read about the ways in which these treatments differ.

Manual therapy or chiropractic; what is the difference?

By manual therapy we mean a form of treatment where the hands are used. So a lot of chiropractic techniques are a form of manual therapy. In order to discuss the difference between a manual therapist and a chiropractor, their education needs to be looked at. Chiropractic students follow a 5 year full time academic course where as Manual Therapy students follow a 3 year part time academic course.
A chiropractor distinguishes themselves from a manual therapist by their academic education. This education is mostly focused on diagnosing, recognizing pathological processes, analysing x-rays and MRI diagnostics and extensive clinical experience.

Treatment possibilities with Chiropractic

Apart from the treatments of chiropractors Sten Hofstad and Lin van Gorp, you can also go to MoveWell for back rehab at Lars van den Eshof. Modern devices and  personal guidance allow for the training of small muscle groups. This is sometimes needed when, for example, you have created a damaging movement habit or when you have had bad posture. The small muscle groups almost ‘pull’ you into a healthy posture which enables the body to distribute the pressure better.

Back rehab can be refunded from the additional package category of your care insurer. The treatments are refunded from the same department as physiotherapy.

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