Patient experience


MoveWell is a new office. Through the years, Sten Hofstad has built a considerable patient file in Amsterdam. ‘In Hilversum I will have to start over completely. Hereby I want to thank my patients in Amsterdam for their personal messages at the start of this new office, MoveWell!’

Below you can read several patient experiences and on our Social Media page you can read more experiences. Please take a look at the pages by clicking on these buttons below.

Experiences of patients:


P. van Eldijk, Delft

‘After a plantar fasciitis in my left heel in April 2014 I had pain in my knees. I could not bend the knee and walking and cycling hurt. The right knee was cured after three chiropractic treatments. After that the left knee started to hurt. Due to bad circulation the pain did not go away.

At one point I could not cycle any more, because I could not bend my knee. During this time I had moved to a different city, therefore I was not treated at Rodermans/Sten anymore. In January 2015 I went back to Sten. After all, my right knee had been cured within three treatments, I had every confidence that I was going to be fine, but I was still nervous to see whether this difficult leg would be fine as well. And luckily, after three treatments there was a very noticeable improvement. After I had had the fourth treatment my knee was completely fine.

I started doing some exercises, which I got from my physiotherapist, to strengthen the knee. I am able to cycle 30 kilometres without any problems, also walking is completely fine, currently I am able to walk 17 kilometres. I am 65 years old so I am building it up slowly, but it gets better every week.”


M. Cheng, Amsterdam

”The chiropractor who honours the name. This is the eighth year that I have been treated by him and I do not regret a single bit of it. He always tries to get the most out of each appointment and gets satisfaction from healing his patients. As a patient I am proud of him. Keep it up!

Furthermore I wish him the best of luck with his new office and bless him for the good work he does!”


R.M. Andernach, Hilversum

“Due to back complaints, I have had many treatments with a physiotherapist and I have followed lots of therapies over many years all with no result, then through an article in the local newspaper I heard about Sten and his treatments. At my first appointment he quickly discovered the origin of my complaint. After just four treatments I have no complaints and have been freed from a lot of pain.

Based on my own experience I can definitely recommend Sten!”


B. Ridder , Ouderkerk aan de Amstel:

“I have been coming to the office of Sten Hofstad for a few years now. Sten is an expert, who really knows what he is doing. He looks beyond the location of the problem and resolves it.

Therefore I regularly advise my family, friends, co-workers and customers to get in contact with Sten. I can definitely recommend chiropractic MoveWell to everyone.” 


A. van Steenderen Lammers, Amsterdam:

“Not such an inexperienced person speaking here, I have been having complaints for many years. I started physiotherapy in 1965, mensendieck system, etc.… It helped a lot, and I always did the exercises that were given to me. Until at some point the success became less. In that time I met friends who I fully trust and via them I got to know about chiropractic treatments and Sten Hofstad. That is now a little more than two years ago. Almost nothing better could have happened to me.

After a few treatments I started seeing improvement. My back and shoulders got more flexible, Sten achieved and still achieves a lot due to his abilities and skills. Just like an old-timer car I am constantly in maintenance which is the reason why I function and have been released from a lot of pain. I am a very satisfied patient!”


A. Horn, Amsterdam:

As a former dancer, I had pain in my lower-back pain for over 10 years. Since I moved to Amsterdam I took an office job working in front of the computer all day long so I also developed a bad and constant shoulder and neck pain.


Now, a year after my first chiropractic treatment, I am extremely happy to say that I am pain free! After only 3 sessions I started feeling the difference, and started to learn and understand how to move and hold myself in a way that prevents me from further pain.”


P. van de Graaf, Bussum:

”My wife and I have had treatments at MoveWell for some time now and we are very satisfied with the results. The treatments at MoveWell are as good as our complaints are “unique”. You are not a number to them and you are treated very professionally by a nice team.

Good exercises help keep the complaints away. We have you guys here if needed, but we are convinced we are going to be fine! Great, MoveWell is highly recommended!”


A. Piontek, Amsterdam:

”I regularly suffer from severe cramps in my neck, shoulders and back. Chiropractic MoveWell has helped me the last few times when the pain has returned. I am very pleased with their help! Not only did my complaints (pain) lessen after only one consult, I also received some other simple – but effective – exercises to prevent the complaints in the future. I am glad that the highest priority is indeed the well being of the patient. Thanks again!”


C. van Gageldonk, Amsterdam:

”Very good experience. Really what a chiropractic office should be like; Personal, caring and they find solutions! I sat down in front of a computer a lot, because of my job and would get a burden in my neck/shoulder – sometimes it was even painful. I came to Sten who treated the painful spot proficiently. Sten also gave tips and exercises to prevent this reoccurring. Super, because I have no complaints any more!”


A. Wagenmakers, Weesp:

”After 3 weeks of being at home and sometimes even rolling on the floor because of the pain, I called MoveWell, I was able to be seen the same day and a herniated disc was found. Clear explanation of a treatment plan, with pain treatment and exercises to do at home. After a week I was in a lot less pain, had more strength and had regained feeling in my right leg. You are absolutely not ‘just a number’ to them, which in my experience is very nice.”


J. Matthijssen, Amsterdam:

”I have recently been directed by my doctor to chiropractic MoveWell for treatment of my wrist. I was treated in a friendly and professional manner by dr. Hofstad. After a series of 4 treatments my complaints were gone.”


N. Havelaar, Amsterdam:

”I have had trouble with back pain for a long time, eventually, due to advice of a friend, I went to MoveWell. Shortly after a first intake appointment, the first treatment happened. Very professional and friendly people. People who have your best interests in mind and work as hard as they can to achieve a good recovery. After 3 treatment sessions I had almost no complaints any more! Now all I need to do is continue the exercises I was advised to do as part of the treatment to prevent the complaints from coming back. Handy website and app of “MijnOefening”


A. Hesp, Amsterdam:

”I have had lower back pain for years, for a short time I have been undergoing treatment at MoveWell and I really have the feeling as if something is changing. The pain in my legs is gone and I have started running again. Now I have to continue doing the recommended well explained exercises to strengthen my lower back and go back to Sten Hofstad and his professional team every now and then for “periodical maintenance.””


M. Schattenberg, Amsterdam:

”After suffering from back pain for a long time I went to get treated at Movewell and my complaints have almost completely gone away. Very good and professional treatment.”


J. van Ee, Amsterdam:

”Through a friend I went to MoveWell. I had a specific complaint about my elbow. They were very professional, progressive and caring and made me 100% mobile again very quickly. Also the after care with strengthening exercises worked great.”


F. Zwart, Amsterdam:

Very professional practice , pleasant chiropractors who take time for you and come up with clear medical solutions. Within 5 treatments my low back pain caused by an injury had been helped. Highly recommended.”


A. van der Klis, Hilversum:

”MoveWell is a beautiful, professional office where care and quality have the same value as the personal contact. A combination that is not common any more. The office is located in a nice health center and radiates calm.”


C. Modderkolk, Amsterdam:

”Professional and accessible, I have been under treatment at MoveWell for some time now. The get better in 3 steps program works very well for me, especially with preventing complaints. Definitely recommend.”


L. Boot, Amsterdam:

”Because of a multiple collision I ended up with a whiplash and a concussion. Sten Hofstad helps me a lot with my recovery. With proper treatment and daily exercises via the “mijnOefening” app, recovery is going very quick now!”


G. Verstruik, Hilversum:

“Have had a painful neck for years. Very stiff and annoying. Physiotherapy and other therapies hadn’t worked. At the sports club they gave me this address. Together with other exercises and the treatments it is going very well now!”’


H. Schulz, Amsterdam:

”I strained my back and had a lot of issues with it. Chiropractor Hofstad helped me lessen the pain and get back on my feet quickly! Professional, beautiful, modern office! Good luck!”