Physiotherapy; think about MoveWell

Chiropractic MoveWell has a back center with modern training devices. These devices have light sensitive sensors which observe the movement of your back. This allows weak back muscles to undergo focused training. With professional help you train the vulnerable muscle groups and work towards recovery. In addition, you prevent the complaints from recurring.

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Physiotherapy or the combination of chiropractic and back rehab at MoveWell?

A different point of view
A physiotherapist and chiropractor are both experts in the musculoskeletal
field. A physiotherapist focusses especially on the treatment of the muscular system. With chiropractic the focus is on joint movement and the nervous system. Therefore the complaints are treated differently.

Difference in education
A physiotherapy student follows a 4 year course at HBO level. The chiropractors at MoveWell have followed a 5 year course at an academic level in England. This course is comparable with the education of a medical doctor.

Customized treatment
People don’t only come to MoveWell for chiropractic treatment, but also for back rehab. Because of the availability of this option you get a customized treatment plan just for you. The chiropractor will discuss whether the back rehab program is right for you. If complaints return due to incorrect posture, or if patients get complaints caused by injury due to damaging movements, back rehab will be recommended. Along with therapeutic back rehab you will also start a movement program.

Modern training devices 
Move Well Chiropractic has a back centre with modern training equipment . These devices have light-sensitive sensors that observe the movement of your spine . So weak back muscles can be trained in a very focused way . With expert guidance you train the vulnerable muscle groups and work to restore them to avoid the recurrence of symptoms.

Refund for back rehab
A treatment program for back rehab will be refunded from the additional insurance category. The costs are usually refunded from the same category as physiotherapy/exercise therapy. A treatment session of back rehab takes about 40 minutes and costs €25,-. The refund price can differ depending on insurance company.

The treatment at Chiropractic MoveWell

Chiropractic is for all ages and almost all complaints can be treated by a chiropractor. At Chiropractic MoveWell complaints are treated using a 3 step program.

The first step is mobilizing and creating freedom of movement. By doing this the pressure on the joints is lessened which then makes movement smoother.

During the second step you will work on the stability of the body using exclusive training devices. The little muscles in the body give stability and can be trained in a very focused way using the modern devices available at MoveWell.

The third step focusses on the functioning of your body. Your body needs to be able to function well in everyday life again. You receive posture advice and exercises to do at home so that you can retain muscle strength and keep moving smoothly. The posture advice contributes to creating healthy activity behaviours, so the complaints will return less quickly/not at all.


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