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About the practice:



Since spring 2015 MoveWell has been situated in the center of Hilversum. This chiropractic practice introduced the techniques of chiropractic and rehabilitation. MoveWell organises walk in screening days on a regular basis. The chiropractor will examine you and, when needed, show you the possibilities for treatment. Click here for more information on our Facebook page.

Chiropractic MoveWell


Chiropractic can be the solution for your back- and neck complaints, and MoveWell can also be the solution for other complaints. For example, any movement related complaints such as shoulder, elbow, knee or other joint complaints. Chiropractic is an effective and proven treatment which offers you fast results where other therapies may be less successful. If you want to know more about the different complaints and the treatments of MoveWell, click here.

Back center MoveWell


Along with our chiropractic treatments MoveWell also offers a modern type of rehabilitation for the human back, which focuses on the small vulnerable muscles in your lower back.

Good working muscle function is essential for a healthy back! MoveWell presents a back training program that is adapted to your back complaints.


The ‘in 3 steps better’ program

Together with the back center Parkstad chiropractic MoveWell introduces a unique concept: The ‘in 3 steps better’ program. MoveWell uses this program to effectively treat your complaints in three steps: mobilization, stabilization and finally the function phase. Click here for more information.



movewell logo

We didn’t pick just any name for our practice. While working on our website “MijnOefening” we came up with the slogan “Move Well Feel Better”. This slogan really covers our goals and mission, so we decided to use it as the name for our practice. Move Well is the key to recovery. We couldn’t find a more positive name and solution for your complaints!



“MijnOefening” is the name of a website and means my exercise. The last three years Sten Hofstad has been working hard to launch the website “MijnOefening”. is a unique website with exercises to prevent complaints on the moveable parts of your body.

The website contains information and exercises illustrated with animation and small instructional videos. It is also possible to download the app “MijnOefening”. The website went live in 2014 and one year later there were already close to 1000 visitors a day! “I am very proud that my website is visited that much. This website is not solely for my patients, but deserves to be found by everybody in the Netherlands and Belgium”, says Sten Hofstad. Because of the popularity of his website, Sten frequently writes columns for several newspapers and magazines.


Already thirty physiotherapist and chiropractic practices are affiliated with “MijnOefening”. Click here if you would like to visit the website.


Would you like to learn more? Enclosed is the link for downloading the “MijnOefening” app. The app is mentioned in several media and has around 1000 downloads.