Causes of complaints during pregnancy

A change in hormone levels, an increase of body weight and changes on the movability of the pelvis and spine. These changes are common with pregnancy. The position of the pelvis changes because the belly keeps growing. The back turns into a hollow position.

But not only during pregnancy is it important to have control of the position of the pelvis. A hollow back will put more pressure on the vertebrae in the middle of a round back. If women are pregnant it will occur when the belly gets rounder.



Chiropractic treatment

The chiropractor has much experience in treating complaints related to pregnancy. After a thorough intake the chiropractor will have gathered the information to start the treatment with custom techniques in order to diminish or resolve the complaints. These techniques are suitable for use during the whole period of the pregnancy, even during late pregnancy.


A save treatment

The chiropractor is trained to treat complaints related to pregnancy. The treatment is light but effective. The result is better movement in muscles and joints which will reduce pain. The techniques of a chiropractic treatment for a pregnant women will differ from the techniques used on non-pregnant women. A chiropractor will give exercises to keep the pressure on the back and pelvis low. The exercises are also to improve mobility and stability. Click here to read more about chiropractic treatment.