Chiropractic treatment has many techniques. Also due to the fact that every complaint and body is unique, it is not possible to explain on this website which technique will help you best. First, the chiropractor will have to perform an extensive evaluation. Below, the most common techniques at MoveWell will be explained. If you have any questions about this we are happy to hear from you.

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Why these techniques?

With chiropractic the focus is on joint movement together with the nervous system. The spinal column houses the nerves. Nerve impulses go from the brain through the spinal column to all parts of your body and all then the information returns to the brain. The nerves give us information about pain, stiffness and other sensations, while also sending information in order to allow muscles to function well and therefore also allow the joints to move well. Back complaints or other complaints are often the result of varying factors. An increase of pressure on a joint can lead to a differing of nerve function, muscle tension and eventually limited joint movement which can cause other complaints. So, the chiropractor mostly focusses on  proper movement of the body. In case the movement is limited due to, for example pain, the chiropractor will solve this with his techniques.

manuele therapie chiropractie

Chiropractic correction/ manipulation

A typical and common chiropractic technique is manipulation, With short, little pressure the chiropractor brings the joint into movement. This has a positive effect on the movement of the joint, muscles, nerve function and of course the complaint of the patient. But this is only one of the favourite techniques of a chiropractor.


Other chiropractic techniqueswhiplash hoofdpijn nekklachten

After extensive examination, the chiropractor at MoveWell will always look at which technique fits you best to alleviate your complaints. Another common form of treatment is mobilization. Mobilization is nothing more than slowly getting the joint into movement again.

Traction techniques are also used often. The chiropractor possesses special treatment tables, which are specifically designed for these techniques. Especially helpful for people with complaints such as herniated disc, sciatica or other complaints. The chiropractor also uses a lot of muscle relaxation exercises. Along with that MoveWell also possesses exclusive devices which can be used to recover from the complaint.

Get better in 3 steps

MoveWell works according to the unique get better in 3 steps program. Clarity is the most important thing for recovering a complaint. After your intake the chiropractor will discuss with you how the recovery of your complaint will go. Most of the time we can divide the recovery steps into 3. The first goal, step 1, is improving the complaint using the previously discussed chiropractic treatments. Step 2 is strengthening of the involved muscles with targeted exercises. With back complaints this can be done using the special back rehab devices which the office possesses. Step 3 is the maintenance phase in which the chiropractor looks at the risk factors and what is needed to take care that the complaints do not reoccur. For more information please see ‘in 3 steps better’.

Chiropractic and manual therapy, what is the difference?

Chiropractic techniques are mostly a manual form of treatment. Manual indicates that it is a treatment performed by hand. These techniques are originally from America. Because of its popularity is had spread to Europe and later the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the group of chiropractors is small. Physiotherapists have made the chiropractic techniques their own with their own style, named manual therapy. The difference with chiropractic mainly comes from the academic education of the chiropractor and the differently taught manipulation techniques. MoveWell works together often with physiotherapists and manual therapists. Often, different therapies combined work better to reach the goal forthe patient. MoveWell is located in the Medical Center Dudok, where more than one discipline work together to complement each other well.