Whiplash is a quick, unexpected movement of the head without it bumping into something. In a very short moment the cervical spine is stretched out extremely and bent backwards. This movement, which is most often the result of a car accident, is called whiplash. The complaints which result from this differ a lot. Complaints can arise immediately, but also after a few days, months or even years later.


The most common complaint after a whiplash is a painful, stiff neck. Additional to  that is also complaints such as a head ache, shoulder complaints, back complaints, nauseousness, dizziness, tinnitus and radiating pain can arise. The radiating pain can be felt in the arms and/or the face. But not only physical complaints are part of a whiplash. Changes in behaviour can also arise as a result of a whiplash. Therefore it is important not to underestimate your complaints and get them examined within 1 to 2 weeks.

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The cause of a whiplash is often a car accident. When the collision comes from the back, the neck muscles cannot brace for impact, like what happens during a front impact. Due to the unexpected knock, the neck muscles do not have time to react and therefore the neck is severely damaged. Because of the pendulum a lot of structures in the neck get damaged and professional help is needed to recover from your complaints.


To recover from your complaints it is important to rest. Even though taking rest is often hard to incorporate in your daily life. At Chiropractic MoveWell you can discuss what the best type of daily movement is for you.