Chiropractic MoveWell

Chiropractic MoveWell is a chiropractic practice and back center located in Hilversum. Our chiropractors Sten Hofstad and Jarryd Else can help you with back and neck complaints. MoveWell works with the in ‘three steps better program’.

Our practice is called MoveWell since we only see movement related conditions. Therefore we always work with our slogan. Move Well Feel Better.

Chiropractic MoveWell

MoveWell is located at the Medical Centre Dudokpark. In the middle of Hilversum we offer professional care for your complaints. MoveWell is unique because of


A chiropractor is the specialist for neck and back complaints. However at our MoveWell practice we also other mechanical/ joint complaints, like shoulder complaints…


MoveWell introduces a unique treatment plan. The in three steps better program. The steps include mobilisation, stabilisation and functioning phase…

The ‘in 3 steps better’ program

MoveWell introduces an whole new concepts. MoveWell uses this program to effectively treat your complaints.

The steps include mobilisation, stabilization and the function phase.

Spit rugklachten MoveWell

Step 1: Mobilisation

The cause of the complaints we treat in our practice are often related to restricted movement. In this step we focus on better motion, as a result pain and stiffness will diminish. Read more

Chiropractie MoveWell Rugrevalidatie fysiotherapie

Step 2: Stabilisation

In this phase we focus on strengthening of the injury. Movewell uses specific training machines and offers exercises to improve the stability. Read more

Move Well Feel Better

Step 3: Function

Function phase or going back to the normal state. This step is to prevent a fall back. MoveWell will focus on preventive care with chiropractic treatment and with exercises. Read more



For which complaints does MoveWell have a solution?

MoveWell can help you with







Dutch Chiropractic Association:

Stichting Chiropractie Nederland
Nederlandse Chiropractoren Associatie NCA

Dutch Chiropractic Association

The Dutch Chiropractic Association (NCA) is our  largest and longest-standing association for chiropractors in the Netherlands. The NCA only accepts members who have graduated from an internationally recognised university. MoveWell’s chiropractors are a member of the NCA guaranteeing high levels of professional care.

Chiropractic coverage

Most Dutch insurance companies provide partial or complete coverage for the cost of chiropractic services. A doctor’s referral is not needed to see a chiropractor.