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Physiotherapy is not only possible in our practice, but also at home. It may be necessary to get treated at home due to your physical condition or because you are post-operational. However, this is only possible with a referral (letter) from your general practitioner or specialist.

What does physiotherapy treatment at-home suggest?

Physiotherapy helps you to restore mobility when your movement patterns are interrupted due to muscle spasm or injury. An injury could lead to limited range of motion, and this is an indication that you need to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. A treatment plan is essential to ensure a safe and healthy exercise routine. The goals of treatment plan are based on your complaint and lifestyle.

If you experience musculoskeletal complaints, you can contact a physiotherapist. You do not need a referral from your GP to have in practice treatment. If you delay seeing a physiotherapist, your complaints could worsen and this leads to an extended treatment plan and prolonged healing phase.

What is a typical physiotherapy treatment?

The at-home treatment will, just as in practiceconsist of a history taking and a physical examination. A doctors referral letter is required to be eligible for at-home treatment. If you are temporarily unable to come to the practice, the therapist will come to you. Restoring mobility will be the main focus, thereafter you will be treated in practice. The goal is to let you function as optimally as possible.

How is quality guaranteed?

The quality of the physiotherapist is guaranteed due to BIG- and the Central Quality Register for Physiotherapy (CKR) registration. This means that the therapist meets all quality requirements drawn up by the Royal Dutch Association for Physiotherapy (KNGF).

How much does physiotherapy at home cost?

If you do not have additional health insurance or have completed your health insurance allowance.

At-home treatment
Intake and examination after referral €49.00
Treatment physiotherapy €46,00

In an institution
Intake and examination after referral €49.00
Treatment physiotherapy €46,00

Does the health insurance cover physiotherapy at-home?

Depending on your complaint, at-home treatments are insured either from basic or additional health insurance. 

Basic Health Insurance
Basic insurance fully insures chronic conditions, from the 21st treatment. Children up to the age of 18 years are fully insured for the first 9 treatments. Chronic conditions for children up the age of 18 will be insured for all treatments. 

Additional Health Insurance
If you have utilised your allocated amount of treatments for the year, the additional treatments might be insured by your additional insurance. Consult the terms of your policy to see eligibility for additional treatments.

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