Looking for Decompression Therapy in Hilversum?

You have probably heard of traction or decompression. But what exactly is decompression? MoveWell offers decompression therapy. Are you suffering from chronic pain and have tried multiple therapies without success? Then decompression therapy can be a solution for you. Our unique decompression table also offers relief for acute complaints. On this page, we give you more information about decompression therapy.

Why decompression?

Decompression provides relief from pressure. When the pressure on the spine increase, the intervertebral discs change shape. This built-up pressure can affect the nerves. With disc herniation, sciatica and stenosis, there can be increased pressure on the nerve. This can lead to various symptoms, such as: tingling, numbness, pain and weakness. Our unique decompression table relieves this pressure, giving the intervertebral discs more space. This will reduce the pressure on the nerve, thereby reducing the symptoms. Decompression therapy is also indicated for other joint related complaints.

How does decompression work?

The decompression table consist of different parts that can be completely adjusted to your body. As a result, you lie comfortable and relaxed. In the case of a lumbar disc herniation, a firm band will be placed around your waist that is connected to a computer system via a cord. By means of this advanced technology, a pulling force (traction) will gradually be built up. The pulling force will be adjusted to your complaint and your physique. The pulling force creates the more space in the intervertebral disc and affects the blood flow. The shape of the intervertebral disc can also change, resulting in reduced pressure on the nerve. This can provide immediate relief!

Which complaints can be treated?

The chiropractor will assess whether your complaint will benefit from decompression therapy. The following complaints are eligible for decompression therapy:

• Disc herniation

• Sciatica

• Stenosis

• Radiating pain

• Compression of a nerve root

• Degeneration (wear and tear) of intervertebral disc

Who are the decompression specialists?

Jarco Schol


Desiree Griesel


Sten Hofstad


Decompression therapy in Hilversum

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