Acute back pain | Lumbago treatment in Hilversum

Acute back pain represents a form of back pain that comes on suddenly. Acute back pain is also called lumbago and it’s typically seen as an acute muscle spasm in the back.

Why should I not postpone my treatment?

Lumbago doesn’t singularly cause muscle spasm, but additionally includes joint irritation. If lumbago is not treated effectively and doesn’t have the opportunity to recover properly, chronic back pain can arise. If you have experienced acute back pain once, there is an eighty percent chance that it will reoccur. It is therefore extremely important to get examined by an expert at MoveWell, not only to decrease your pain but also prevent future occurrences. 

What does the treatment entail?

At MoveWell we use the unique 3 Phase Treatment Plan. 

Phase 1 is important to properly resolve acute pain. Phases 2 and 3 are important to increase strength and improving the functioning of the body. The entire process focuses on resolving and typically preventing your complaint.

Preventing Back Pain

When a weak spot has developed in the back due to injury, it will be the first spot to get re-injured. Strength and stability are needed to ensure that the physical load is distributed evenly over the entire body and doesn’t dissipate into the weakness. Stability is obtained by training the smaller muscle groups. When these muscle groups function well together it ensures optimal functioning, evens out load distribution and ultimately prevents future injuries. 

Acute Back Pain Specialists

Jarco Schol


Desiree Griesel


Sten Hofstad


Back pain treatment in Hilversum

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