Looking for chiropractor or physiotherapist to treat a herniated disc in Hilversum?

Our chiropractor and physiotherapist treat many patients with a herniated disc in Hilversum. A bulge of an intervertebral disc in the back or neck is also called a hernia or Hernia Nuclei Pulposi (HNP). This bulge can press against a nerve. Hernias are most common in the lower back and low in the neck.

Our back center specializes in hernia complaints. On average we see 100 patients with neck and back hernias per week. Thanks to our large team, we can approach complaints in different ways. This way we always choose the solution that suits you best. MoveWell is a trusted address for referrers and patients with complex back and neck complaints come from all over the Netherlands.

Why MoveWell for herniated disc complaints?

Since hernia complaints are extremely vulnerable, you are looking for a specialty. We specialize in treating hernia complaints and approach your complaint from different disciplines.

We offer a powerful combination of

ChiropracticPhysiotherapyBack rehabilitationBack education program

Treatment of acute and chronic herniated disc complaints

The sooner someone is treated, the better. Even if the pain is unbearable, we advise you to come as soon as possible to take the pressure off the intervertebral disc.

You can make a big difference right in the beginning! We try to book patients with acute complaints within 24 hours.

The treatment of an acute or chronic hernia complaint is of course different. On this page you can read more about our practice’s approach.

What is a herniated disc?

Intervertebral discs are a kind of cushion between the vertebrae. Over the years, small cracks can develop in these discs. Gradually the intervertebral disc can bulge outwards. This is common and does not necessarily have to be a problem.

However, in a small group of people the bulge can become larger, often resulting in local inflammation. A nerve then comes under pressure. We call this a hernia.

A herniated disc causes pain in the back, but also in the leg where the nerve runs. In the case of a neck hernia, the brachial nerve can become irritated, which means that in addition to neck complaints, complaints can also be noticeable in the arms. We often compare pressure on the nerve to bumping your telephone bone, but the sensations can be different for everyone. The nerve is a kind of telephone cable and it depends on how and where this nerve comes under pressure. Typical symptoms include aching pain, sharp pain, stabbing pain, tingling, numbness and weakness.

At what age do herniated disc complaints occur?

The average age for hernia complaints is between 20 and 45 years. Hernias after the age of 45 are less common. This is because as you get older there is less fluid to push out. However, you probably hear it a lot that someone has hernia complaints after the age of 45, and the cause is often a hernia together with local osteoarthritis (wear and tear). MoveWell can help with these complaints.

Specialist care for herniated disc disease

Always seek a specialized an health care provider for herniated disc pain. Herniated disc complaints are very fragile and difficult to treat. Our practice offers you this expertise!

What is the cause of a herniated disc?

The tears usually develop gradually as a result of improper posture and/or movement. Little variation in posture (such as a lot of sitting or standing work) increases the risk of herniated discs. The same goes for work that involves the same movements all the time, such as lifting, frequent bending and twisting. Sometimes a herniated disc occurs suddenly because of an accident.

Herniated disc is often mistakenly a loaded condition

Hernia is often mistakenly a loaded word and the great fear for people who have occasional back pain. There is only a very small group where surgery is necessary. The vast majority of hernia complaints can be treated well without surgery! In addition, symptoms that can be felt in the legs and/or arms are not always related to a herniated disc.

Chiropractic care for your herniated disc

Chiropractic is a study abroad, university-based spine specialist. For neck and back pain, you have come to the right place. In addition, the chiropractors at MoveWell specialize in herniated discomfort. MoveWell has advanced devices to reduce and / or remedy of herniated disc complaints.

Physical and diagnostic examination

Physical examination is very important to reach a proper diagnosis. After a comprehensive intake and examination, the chiropractors can assess whether you have a herniated disc.

If an MRI has already been made, please bring it with you, as it can be used to determine the prognosis and set up your further treatment program.

The chiropractic treatment for herniated disc pain

Extremely light and precise techniques

nekbehandeling hilversum

A chiropractor used extremely light and precise pressure techniques. These techniques aim to mobilize the spine and take pressure off the intervertebral disc.

Mobilization traction treatment table

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MoveWell’s chiropractor has a choice of several treatment tables where pressure on the intervertebral disc can be relieved.

Decompression table for herniated disc complaints

hernia behandeling

The decompression table is a special treatment table that creates slight negative pressure in the back. This is one of the most innovative treatment tables and helps well with herniated discomfort with radiation to the leg or arm.

Physiotherapy - Back training - Back rehabilitation for herniated disc disease

Physiotherapy and herniated disc complaints

The physical therapist will use muscle relaxation techniques and mobilization techniques to improve the mobility of the back or neck. The physical therapist focuses on the movement of the joint and surrounding stability. Exercises are given for mobility and/or stability.

Back education program

With herniated discomfort, it is important to understand what you can or cannot do, learn how to move but most importantly understand how to relieve strain on the back or neck. Many times this can be done through posture corrections, exercises and other advice. The so-called McKenzie therapy is often used to reduce the tension on the intervertebral disc.

Back rehabilitation

With MoveWell’s back rehabilitation, your mobility, strength, posture and fitness will be addressed to recover toward 100%. Especially with herniated discomfort, this can be critical to recovering and preventing symptoms.

What does a treatment program look like?

We explain our treatment process with our 3-step plan. Everyone is unique; especially when treating hernia symptoms, it is not possible to explain a standard treatment path.


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This is the most important step: In this, the chiropractor looks at reducing your pain and other symptoms. The goal of treatment is to get the nerve out of the “entrapment” created by the local inflammation and pressure of the herniated disc. The chiropractor will apply a relieving traction/stretch to the lower back or neck using specially designed treatment tables and devices.

Because of the herniated disc, the spinal column with its joints and muscles will move differently and therefore can maintain the complaint. Here the chiropractor can apply specific pressure on the joints to optimize the movement and thus also reduce the complaints.

In consultation with the physical therapist muscle relaxation techniques and mobilization techniques are applied. Mobilizing exercises will be given to regain movement in the back and/or neck. These home exercises are very important in the recovery of the hernia.


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Step 1 can take a long time with a herniated disc. If the pain symptoms have largely subsided, then stabilization of the spine can begin. Back Center MoveWell has special training equipment for this. These machines have light sensitive sensors that detect the movement of your back, so you can very specifically train your back.

In comparison with other muscle strengthening fitness equipment, the stabilization line at Rugcentrum MoveWell focuses primarily on the small muscles in the back. Especially when training a fragile back, it is very important not to put too much pressure on the back. Training is built up slowly so that you can eventually resume your daily activities.

Back in shape

If your back has the proper ratio of mobility and stability, treatment will be tapered off. The back rehabilitation therapist will go over with you the risk factors that exist for re-injury of your complaint. The importance of good posture will be emphasized.

The chiropractor will see if the mobility of your spine is good. A hernia complaint can leave its mark so it is very important that you continue to mobilize and stabilize the back. The stabilization phase is also phased out with slightly heavier exercises each time.

Exercise is also important. Improving the condition of the muscles is essential for a healthy back. The chiropractor will advise you on this. In the end, we always work with our slogan Move Well Feel Better!

Which specialists can help you with your herniated disc?

Jarco Schol


Desiree Griesel


Sten Hofstad


Treating a herniated disc in Hilversum

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