The 3 Phase Treatment Plan

MoveWell treats complaints of the entire musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors treat lower back- and neck pain, as well as shoulder, wrist and, other musculoskeletal complaints. Every patient is an individual and, each treatment plan is unique. The treatment aims to reduce your complaint and to ensure that they do not reoccur. To improve your complaint, we divide the treatment plan into three steps.
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Phase 1: Mobilization

A sudden incorrect movement can easily lead to back, neck, shoulder, elbow and, ankle pain. After an injury, your muscles move differently, the joints lock up and this leads to changes in the nervous system. In other words, an injury causes a complex chain reaction.

Scientific research shows that movement or mobilization techniques can improve the pain in the acute phase. Step 1 of the three-phase treatment plan is to mobilize; this step mainly consists of chiropractic-specific techniques to mobilize joints and relax muscles.

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Phase 2: Stabilization

Subsequently, it is essential to improve the stabilization of the joint to prevent degeneration. Nothing is more annoying than falling back after an intensive treatment program and starting over. In this phase, the focus is on the recovery and stabilization of the muscles around the joint.

MoveWell has the unique equipment to rehabilitate the back muscles. Read more about MoveWell’s back rehabilitation program. Rehabilitative exercises are also be given for other joint complaints to strengthen the affected joint.

Phase 3: Functioning

The goal of phase 3 is to function well in daily life. It is now essential to continue to use the muscles that were strengthened during the stabilization phase. You will also receive the right exercises and postural advice you can apply in your daily life.

Ultimately, our mission is to help you move optimally without complaints. Move Well Feel Better!

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