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If you have musculoskeletal complaints, you can make an appointment with a physiotherapist. Depending on your complaints, treatment by the physiotherapist will consist of exercises and muscle techniques to help your body function better. Physiotherapy can be reimbursed from your health insurance.

What the physiotherapist focus on?

The physiotherapist will help you when movement is impaired by musculoskeletal complaints. If you have an injury, are experiencing limitations in movement or if you have a mechanical condition, you can make an appointment with a physiotherapist. A treatment plan will be drawn up together with you to ensure safe and healthy exercise. The goals are set in response to your complaint and your personal activities.

How does a physiotherapy treatment look like?

In addition to occasional massage to loosen muscles, the treatment of a physiotherapist also consists of exercises. In addition, medical tape or mobilizing techniques can be used if necessary.

How is the quality of the therapist guaranteed?

The quality of the physiotherapist is guaranteed because our therapists are registered in the BIG register and in the Central Physiotherapy Quality Register (CKR). This means that the therapist meets all quality requirements drawn up by the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF).

Meet our physiotherapists

Niels van der Meulen

Manual therapist

Angela Gödecke

Physiotherapist, sonographer

Simon Oosterhoff

Physiotherapist, pediatric physiotherapist

Physiotherapy in Hilversum

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