Prices and insurance

On this page you can read more information about the costs of the consultations and the possible reimbursement. MoveWell advises you to always consult your health insurer first for more information about the reimbursements. This differs per health policy.

Chiropractic reimbursement

MoveWell is registered with the Dutch Chiropractors Association (NCA) and the Netherlands Chiropractic Foundation (SCN). The consultation is usually paid immediately after the consultation. You will receive a receipt that you can submit to your health insurer. Chiropractic care is largely reimbursed by almost all insurers. The amount of the reimbursement varies per policy. Chiropractic care is often included in the additional package of your health insurance. You can request current information from your health insurer.

Reimbursement for physiotherapy - back rehabilitation - exercise therapy - manual therapy

Physiotherapy, exercise therapy and back rehabilitation are reimbursed by the insurance. MoveWell has contracts with all health insurers.


Behandeling Tarief
First consultation Chiropractic 85,- euro
Follow-up consultation Chiropractic 62,- euro
First consultation Physiotherapy, Postural therapy, exercise therapy 52,- euro
Follow-up consultation Physiotherapy, Postural therapy, exercise therapy 42,- euro
First consultation Manual therapy, geriatric therapy 52,- euro
Follow-up consultation Manual therapy, geriatric therapy 57,- euro
Surcharge for home treatment Physiotherapy and Exercise Therapy 20,- euro
Consultation Physiotherapy – Shockwave 52,- euro
Consultation Physiotherapy – Diagnostic Ultrasound 72,- euro

Prices and insurances

Chiropractic, physiotherapy and exercise therapy care are not covered by basic insurance. If you use chiropractic care, this does not affect your deductible!

If you are treated for a chronic indication by the physiotherapist or exercise therapist, this will be reimbursed from the basic insurance from the 21st treatment. The first 20 treatments can again be reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. This depends entirely on your health policy. If you go to the physiotherapist without a chronic indication, this will be reimbursed by the supplementary insurance. If you have any questions about rates or reimbursements, please contact us and we will find out for you.

General practitioner or doctor referral is not needed

It is common for a doctor to refer to a chiropractor or physiotherapist, but this is not necessary. You can contact us directly and make an appointment with the chiropractor. We are ready for you, don’t be left with the pain! Easily make an appointment online or you can reach us by telephone on 035 760 06 48.

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