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Chiropractic treatment involves many techniques. Here is an explanation of a number of techniques that are often used in our practice. Of course, the specific treatment technique will be identified to suit to your complaint. After a detailed physical examination, your chiropractor will discuss treatment options with you.

Chiropractic - a study of movement

In order to explain our chiropractic techniques, it is first important to understand what the chiropractor is looking at. A chiropractor mainly focuses on back and neck complaints, and complaints related to the spine.
The aim of chiropractic treatment is to restore joint motion in conjunction with the muscles and the nervous system. Back pain and other joint complaints are often the result of various factors. For example, a joint that does not function optimally can lead to muscle tension and a change in the nervous system. Ultimately, this can result in a change in joint movement of the surrounding joints.

Techniques to restore and improve motion

Pain results from incorrect movement patterns. The aim of the treatment is to restore and optimize the movement and thereby relieve the pain.
If the movement is limited by pain, the chiropractor will treat this by using specific techniques. After a thorough examination, the chiropractor will determine which treatment technique is best suitable for your complaint. Below you will find a number of techniques used by chiropractic.

What is a chiropractic manipulation?

The most common technique used by chiropractors is manipulation or, another term, adjustment. With a short and quick impulsive, the chiropractor restores the joint motion. This movement also stimulates the muscles, the nerve system and of course improves the patient’s complaint.


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To restore joint motion the chiropractor can also make use of joint mobilisation. These techniques are slow and controlled and can be applied to any patient, young and old.



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The chiropractic treatment tables at MoveWell are multi-functional and can move in different directions. One of the functions is traction. Traction causes a passive stretch on the back. Patients diagnosed with disc herniation, sciatica, osteoarthritis or other complaints may benefit from this.


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The decompression table is a special treatment table that creates a stretch or negative pressure in the back. This is one of the most innovative treatment tables and is indicated for patients suffering with back and neck complaints that may be associated with osteoarthritis, stenosis, disc herniation and similar conditions.

Muscle Relaxation

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Chiropractic is not only limited to treat joint related complaints. Muscle relaxation techniques include massage, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques. In practice, a lot of muscle relaxation techniques are combined with our physiotherapists to enhance the result.

Activator | Hand-held Apparatus

activator chiropractie

Apart from manipulation, a chiropractor also make use of other treatment devices to improve joint function and stimulate muscle relaxation. Examples include the activator, impulse device, and the accustim device.

Additional Techniques | Advice

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Chiropractic treatment consist of various techniques to achieve a specific outcome. The chiropractor can also give postural and nutritional advice, and may also recommend exercises. The strength of the MoveWell practice lies in their expertise. A physiotherapist and/or exercise therapist can also assist in the rehabilitation phases.

Chiropractic vs. Manual Therapy

It is important to understand the difference between chiropractic and manual therapy. Chiropractic techniques are often a manual form of treatment. Manual, says it all, it is a treatment; “done by hands”. These techniques originated in America. Given its popularity, this spread to Europe and later to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, chiropractic is a small profession. Manual therapy started with physiotherapists, who learned chiropractic techniques and made it their own. The difference lies mainly in the education, as chiropractors attended university to master the technique of manipulation.

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