Scoliosis treatment in Hilversum

Scoliosis is the twisting of vertebrae that results in a side-ways curvature of the spine. The curvature can be a mild and present with no symptoms, or extreme (S-curve) and present with intense pain and discomfort. Chiropractors are specialised to treat scoliosis by means spinal mobilisation. Together with physiotherapy and back rehabilitationMoveWell offers a complete treatment plan for scoliosis. 

Scoliosis in Children

Three percent of children have scoliosis. Scoliosis develops gradually during the growth period. If your child shows signs of scoliosis at a young age, it is advised to get their spine checked by a chiropractor. It is also recommended to closely monitor the curvature by means of a physical examination but more importantly by x-ray. 

Scoliosis in Adults

Scoliosis mainly occurs during growth. Fortunately, the consequences of scoliosis are not always noticeable. However, the misalignment can create too much pressure on the joints. This can result in complaints and ultimately an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

Scoliosis Treatment at MoveWell

Chiropractic Treatment

Manual therapy

Foremost, it is important to mention that most scoliosis complaints can be treated effectively. If the curvature of the spine is too great, the chiropractor will refer you to your GP.

The misalignment can put too much tension on a joint, which can cause pain. The chiropractor uses techniques to mobilize the back and relieve pressure on the painful areas.

In addition, the chiropractor will also examine whether insoles would help to alleviate the pain.

Thanks to our specialized treatment tables and techniques, we have multiple treatment methods.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapists and chiropractors work together to effectively treat scoliosis. The main focus of physiotherapy is to create and maintain the mobility  and stability of the spine with the use of muscle relaxation and/or mobilization techniques. Exercise therapy is also recommended to strengthen the muscles around the spine to help correct the curvature. 

Back Rehabilitation

It is imperative to have optimal mobility and postureWith our back exercise and postural correction program we can help you achieve and maintain a healthy back. 

When more attention is required, we advise to follow our specialised back rehabilitation program. This program specifically focusses on the activation on the deeper smaller back muscles.

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Scoliosis treatment in Hilversum

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