Specialised back center

MoveWell is a specialized back center. Since the opening of the practice in the medical center, everything has been done to invest in knowledge and innovation, guided by the latest scientific research. MoveWell is currently a well known address for referrers and patients with complex back and neck complaints coming from all over the Netherlands.

Why our backcentre at MoveWell?

The strength of our practice is the collaboration between different disciplines. With our large team and using innovative equipment, we offer specialist back care.

A powerful combination in the field of

Chiropractic – Physiotherapy – Back Rehabilitation

Combination of different therapies

It can be frustrating when you try everything for your back problem and nothing seems to help. Or that it helps temporarily and that the complaint returns. It is all the more important that a complaint is examined thoroughly. The solution may lie in chiropractic care or physiotherapy, otherwise rehabilitation or a combination of everything. Our back center sees hundreds of back complaints per week, but every back complaint is different. We look for a solution with all the attention and expertise!

Dé MoveWell specialismen voor rugklachten


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Chiropractors are worldwide university-trained specialists in the field of back and neck complaints. We can treat complaints effectively by means of light pressure techniques and special treatment tables.


Our physiotherapists are specialized in treating back pain. The physiotherapist specialistic view of back pain is important in recovery. The approach differs from applying muscle techniques, using medical treatment equipment to giving exercises and advice.

Back rehabilitation - Back training - education

With the back training and education you get to know your back better. Good posture and correct movement is essential in recovering the back. The back rehabilitation goes further into this, then your stability and condition will also be looked at. In our specialized training room you train for complete recovery.

Recovery of back complaints - the essentials

When investigating a back complaint and drawing up a treatment plan, we look at three core issues. How is the mobility? How is the stability and condition? And how is the execution, thinking for example of your attitude. We explain this in more detail below.

Mobility - Stability - Functioning in daily life

Mobility - correct movement

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Complaints often have to do with a limitation of movement. The chiropractor and physical therapist will address this. Mobilize; this mainly consists of chiropractic or physiotherapy specific actions for creating mobility of the joints and muscles.

Stability - the right strength and condition

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Making the affected complaint stronger can also be essential for recovery. The physiotherapist does this by giving exercises, advice and training.

Functionality - correct execution and posture

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In this case, we look at how you ‘function’ in daily life. We focus on correct movement and learning the correct posture.

Who are our back specialists?

Jarco Schol


Desiree Griesel


Sten Hofstad


Specialistisch backcenter in Hilversum

Curious how one of our specialists can help you? It is our mission to let you move well without complaints. MoveWell, Feel Better!

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