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Jeroen Vermeer

  • Physiotherapist

I am specialised in:

  • Knee complaints
  • Shoulder complaints

Jeroen Vermeer

Jeroen is a physiotherapist at MoveWell. After years of experience at other practices in the Utrecht region, Jeroen has joined the MoveWell Physiotherapy practice.

“I have been sporty from an early age. Football and tennis, those are my main interests. Later snowboarding was added. The combination of nature and being active in the outdoors is my greatest passion.

However, an injury comes into play for everyone at some point. Both myself and my fellow athletes have occasionally experienced minor or more serious injuries. Each time I found it very interesting how the physiotherapist could determine the cause and work with the injured person on the recovery process.

This led me to start the physiotherapy course at the international THIM college in Nieuwegein. I completed this in 2014 and then immediately started working in practices in both Amsterdam and Utrecht.

I have been working at MoveWell since 2019. What sets MoveWell apart are the various disciplines that work closely together to deliver the best form of therapy to each individual.

In addition, cooperation between the therapist and patient is essential.
Actively work together with the patient to find a solution to resume his or her daily life and/or sports without hindrance. That’s what I like best about this profession.”